Down an elevator, through a hidden door, you’ll stumble upon the exuberant energy of Babou’s—a private room and cocktail lounge named for Salvador Dali’s prized pet ocelot.

Opulent, mysterious, and mischievous, unexpected twists and surprises abound behind every corner.

Our History

Babou’s is part of the suite of world-class culinary experiences located in Hôtel Swexan. The hotel’s moniker stands for “Swiss hospitality meets Texan charm,” inspired by Harwood International founders’ multi-generational Swiss-Texan family heritage.

Operated by Harwood Hospitality Group with a 100+ collective years of experience, Hôtel Swexan represents a complete expression of the group’s five-decade-long vision for the Harwood neighborhood in Dallas. The hotel’s design is reflective of the founders’ travels and passion for art and design, offering guests an immersive European-inspired journey throughout the multi-faceted, transformative spaces.

Babou’s, the Hôtel’s nightlife concept, evokes a surrealist fantasy inspired by Salvador Dali, with soft touches inspired by literary greats. Ever the thinker’s club space, Babou’s transports guests to a world where revelry and intellectualism play.

Dress Code

We politely ask our guests dress for the occasion, and be respectful in their choice of smart, elegant attire. Please review the following guidelines to ensure that you are appropriately dressed for your visit to Babou’s.


  • Jeans may be worn. Full-length pants & closed-toe shoes are required for gentlemen.
  • A round neck t-shirt is permitted, if worn with a tailored jacket. Otherwise, no t-shirts allowed.
  • Tailored shorts may be worn for ladies.
  • Sneakers are permitted, provided they are in good condition.
    Trainers for exercise are not suitable for wearing at Babou’s.


  • Shorts are not permitted for men.
  • Ripped jeans are not permitted.
  • Sportswear, gym wear, and jerseys are not acceptable.
  • Sports caps and flat caps are not permitted.
  • Flip flops are not permitted. Beachwear and crop tops are not permitted.
  • Excessive displays of skin are not permitted.


Valet for Babou’s is available at 2598 N. Harwood Street, across the street from Mercat Bistro and Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar.

All non-hotel guests must enter from the 2898 N. Harwood Street entrance.

Babou’s rebels against the norm and creates the sort of memorable moments that become legend.